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Looking for a tour in Morocco that takes you to all the highlights, but also gives you a view of daily life in this culturally and naturally rich country? It is our passion at Soleil Bleu tours to take you on a customized tour that will exceed your expectations!
We will show you Morocco in an honest, diverse and breathtaking way: the land of fairytales but also a fascinating reality. Choose one of our carefully balanced itineraries or contact us via email or telephone to form a customized tour that will meet all your preferences .

Our Mission

Soleil Bleu Tours believes that the best way to discover the authentic and traditional side of Morocco is by taking tours and start exploring retreat destinations and wild attractions. Instead of spending all the day hanging out in a Moroccan city and come back to your hotel by the end of the day, we invite you to go out and start the real adventure. We believe also that the human and cultural side of your tour is as important as the natural sights side, that’s why, we, all the time keep in mind to provide private itineraries that will allow you to see wild sights and in the same time meet Berber people and discover nomadic lifestyle. During your tour you will meet Berbers, have a cap of tea with them and sometimes had a meal with them in one of the most unique experiences.

Soleil Bleu Tours believes that acting like that, it will give you keys to the traditional Morocco and generate revenues to all Berber families and Nomads . So you will enjoy your tour. You will have unique and magical moment. In the end you automatically help lots of Berber families, save the nomadic lifestyle and leave Morocco with new friends in the perspective to welcome you in Morocco again and again as the majority of our valuable friends/clients.

When we designs tours and itineraries, it takes into consideration your wellness and comfort first. Then it chooses the best of what Morocco can offer and present it to you in a very friendly way through the eyes of our professional guides. It also takes everything from your recommendations and needs into extremely important tour details.

Our Popular Tours

Desert Tours

Your Honeymoon in Morocco

Leave romanticism emerge strolling and buying unusual cities in its souks, living the authentic relaxing on sandy beaches or the true silence of the desert and develop your five senses with a rich and exotic cuisine.

Morocco offers you the chance to spend this special day with passion and romantic unconventional, having the possibility of a trip to your measure. Request your calendar and make your dream come true.

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10 Days From Fes to Marrakech
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3 Days Tour From Marrakech to Merzouga
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