La Kasbah De Tifoultoute (8km)

Ancient fortress, today houses a hotel and restaurant.

El Pantano De El Mansour Ed Dahbi (13km)

Dr. regulates flow and allows the irrigation of 14,000 ha.The valley.



Called “the door of the desert” is forced to enter the deep south stage.

The famous sign “Timbuktu 52 days a camel” is in this town at the end of Main Street, which houses most of the shops (Souk Wednesdays and Sundays).


Dades Valley

He is known as the Valley of a Thousand Kasbahs and although the figure is exaggerated, the fact is that they are very numerous.


Skoura (42 km)

After crossing a semi-desert region, you come to a huge palm grove in which the village is located.As in the whole area, roses for the production of essence and rose water are grown.The oasis also contains gardens with lush vegetation, amid the roses that contrast with some beautiful kasbahs like Amerhidil.


Kelaa Des M’gouna (92km)

Important fortified village, located 1467 m.Altitude.It is the capital of the cultivation of the rose and the right place to buy water, cream or rose essence.In May there is a Moussem of the Roses, with interesting folk events.


Boumalne Du Dades (116 km)

From the top of the city the view is spectacular, here and there ocher of the ksour and kasbahs, the river and the different shades of green cultivated, north bare stone of the High Atlas fields are.

Although stray from the path to the Dades, in this region there are interesting sites like the Djebel Saghro (96 km.s) or Valley of birds (15 km.E).


Tinghir And Gorges Del Todgha

Important city located between the Tafilalet and Draa.It is built on terraces, crowned by an old Glaoui kasbah of a hill surrounded by an important oasis of Todgha in addition to a lush palm grove, there are plenty of olive, orange and other fruit trees.

Its privileged location, its beauty and its excellent catering facilities make it an important point of reference when traveling in the region.

North, Er Rachidia direction, the output for Todgha Gorge is.


Agdz (68 km)

Administrative center of the region, in the main, colonnaded street, vendors of all kinds of crafts (baskets, copper, ceramics, carpets) and stones are installed.Outside, the ksour Agdz and which was formerly the capital, Tamenougalt, impressive for its size and beauty.